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Proven Solutions for the Legal Issues of Aging

Talking about elder law issues when faced with your own, or a loved one’s, declining health or imminent death is never a pleasant conversation. However, avoiding the conversation today WILL impact tomorrow. If you are facing an emergency, every decision becomes even more difficult, and more crucial.

Our Services

Paying for Care

Helping you with advice on Public Benefits, including planning for, and assisting with, Medicaid eligibility; Veterans Benefits; VA Pension with Aid & Attendance; Irrevocable Trusts for asset protection; and more.
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Planning for Incapacity & Death

Planning for Incapacity & Death. Personal and Health Care Planning, including consultations and preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills with Health Care Surrogate Designations, Pre-Death planning documents, such as Wills and Trusts, and more.

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After Death Estate and Trust Administration

Fiduciary representation during probate proceedings, assistance with trust administration and finalization, serving as Personal Representative and/or Trustee if requested.

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Who is Donna Sobel?

Former corporate attorney Donna Irvin Sobel did not realize just how challenging the legal matters of aging were, until her own father became incapacitated… without a plan in place. Utilizing the first-hand knowledge she garnered while helping her family through their own crisis, Donna gave up the practice of corporate law and instead became Manatee County’s first Board Certified Elder Law attorney in 1992. She has been specializing in assisting others through the elder law minefield ever since.


Elder Law News


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Elder Law Tips

Don’t let fear stop you from planning. The earlier you start, the more you can protect, and the more options you have.

Make sure the attorney you hire is experienced in Medicaid planning. After all, you wouldn’t consult a dermatologist for a heart problem. Pick the right person for the right job.

Applying for Medicaid prior to qualification could result in being disqualified for a longer period of time than you otherwise would have been.

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