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Planning for Incapacity & Death

Will Your Wishes Be Known?

Whether from a stroke, a heart attack, or an accident, your life, or that of a loved one, can change in a split second. If that happens, and you are unable to communicate, will your wishes be known? Will your family be able to take over until you are able to resume control? Without proper legal planning in place, you may lose control over your finances and your health care decisions. It is important to prevent this by planning in advance.

Last Will and Testament Concept
  • Family members, even spouses, often do not have authority to make lifesaving or financial decisions on your behalf. Marriage does not automatically empower your spouse to manage your bank or retirement accounts, insurance policies, or real estate matters. These actions can only be legally undertaken by individuals properly appointed in a durable power of attorney and a living will with health care surrogate designation.
  • If your incapacity or injuries result in death, who decides where your assets go? If you do not have a will or trust in place, you lose control of your assets, and the State of Florida determines where they go.

It is easy to put off planning for incapacity or death; these are subjects no one enjoys thinking about, much less preparing for. However, refusing to take control of your own life while you are able, is guaranteed to result in difficulties for your family and loved ones. Working with Donna Sobel to create an estate plan keeps you in control. It is the kindest gift you can give your family, helping to protect not only your life and property, but also their well-being.

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