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Planning to Protect You & Your Family.

Everyone has the right to control their own finances.


Whether you are wealthy or live in more modest circumstances, you do not have to give up control of your assets. No matter your age or background, Donna Sobel and her team can help you implement a plan to financially protect yourself and your family. With more than 20 years in the field of Elder Law, Donna Sobel has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in making the best choices for your unique situation through a variety of methods.

Estate Planning

Although we frequently associate the word “estate” with what a person owned at the time of death, it is actually what a person owns during life. Estate planning involves not only preparation of documents such as wills and trust agreements to ensure assets are disposed of according to your wishes after death, but more importantly, it implements a plan to take care of you and your assets while you are living. This is accomplished through the use of durable powers of attorney and living wills with health care surrogate designations.

Document Review

Many people move to Manatee County from other states. Every state has unique laws governing the construction of legal documents. It is important to have wills, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents that were prepared in other states reviewed to ensure they comply with Florida law. Further, even if your documents were prepared in Florida, the law changes constantly and it is important to have existing documents reviewed every few years to ensure they still comply with the law, and still meet your stated goals.

Asset Protection

Most of us will some day require care in an assisted living facility (ALF) or skilled nursing home. Fees for living in these facilities can run as much as $9,000/month. At this rate, your life savings can quickly disappear. Donna can help you prepare for this possibility by legally protecting your assets and helping you qualify for government programs to pay for the ALF or nursing home. In many instances, it is possible to implement an asset protection plan well in advance of when it may be needed.

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Planning for Disabled Adult Children

Usually, parents with disabled children are their primary care providers. But who will take over when you are no longer able to provide this care? Donna Sobel can give you peace of mind by helping to arrange for your disabled adult child’s continued care.

Fiduciary Duties

While it may be preferable to name trusted family members or close friends to serve as trustee or personal representative, sometimes people simply do not have that option. Donna Sobel will act in this capacity upon request.

Contract Review

Every assisted living facility and nursing home has its own contract. In some instances, they offer a variety of accommodations, each having a unique contract. Before you sign, Donna Sobel can review the contract and explain anything you may not understand.

Trust Modification or Termination

On occasion, the terms of an existing trust agreement may no longer be appropriate to meet your goals. When this happens, Donna Sobel can help with judicial or non-judicial actions to legally modify the terms of the trust, or to terminate the trust entirely.

Help at Every Stage


Paying for Care

Paying for care in a nursing home isn’t as easy as you may think it is…even with some assistance. Proper planning is key.


Planning for Incapacity & Death

If a death or a sudden change in health renders you unable to communicate, will your wishes be known?


Post-Death Administration

Upon death, where will your assets go? Marriage, Wills and even complete Estate Plans all offer their own complexities.

Other Ways Donna Can Help

Health & Personal Care Planning

Including giving advice regarding, and preparing, advance medical directives (durable powers of attorney for health care, living wills, and healthcare surrogate designation) and counseling older persons, individuals with supplemental special needs, attorneys-in-fact, and families about life care, medical and life-sustaining choices, and related personal life choice.

Resident Rights Advocacy

Including advising patients and residents of hospitals, nursing facilities, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities, adult care facilities, and those cared for at home of their rights and appropriate matters such as admission, transfer and discharge policies, quality of care, and related issues.

Fiduciary Representation

Including seeking the appointment of, giving advice to, representing, or serving as executor, personal representative, attorney-in-fact, trustee, representative payee, or other formal or informal fiduciary.

Pre-Mortem legal Planning

Including giving advice and preparing documents regarding wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, gifting, and the financial and income, estate and gift tax implications of any proposed action.

Public Benefits Advice

Including planning for and assisting in obtaining Medicaid, Medicare, Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection, VA Aid & Attendance, and Medicaid eligibility.

Special Needs Counseling

Including the planning, drafting and administration of special/supplemental needs trusts and related issues.

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