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Post-Death Administration

Husband and Wife Funeral Farewell

It does not really matter whether you die suddenly, as the result of an accident or medical emergency, or after a long battle with an illness: your loved ones are never prepared. Those left behind will face a number of decisions, some of which must be made almost immediately, while they are at their very most vulnerable. You have it within your power to remove some of this overwhelming burden by making your wishes known clearly, in advance.

  • Where will your assets go? If you are married and all of your accounts and other assets are titled jointly with your spouse, they will transfer seamlessly. However, most of us neglect to ensure proper ownership of every last asset, and when that happens, it becomes necessary to probate the estate. All probate means is the legal transfer of assets from a deceased individual to the proper recipients (beneficiaries). Having a will in place provides written direction regarding how you want your assets to pass. Your estate is probated in accordance with the terms of your will, and administration is overseen by the Probate Court. Alternatively, you may wish to avoid probate, and maintain privacy concerning your estate and assets. If this is the case, you may prefer to have a revocable living trust agreement. If that is the case, your assets pass in accordance with the terms of the trust document and there is no probate or court supervision.
  • Other considerations. Personal grief, time constraints, and lack of knowledge and resources can make estate administration challenging and problematic for family members or trusted friends. In Florida, probate administration must be handled by an attorney. Donna Sobel and her team can assist you during this difficult time and make sure the proper documents are prepared and filed with the Probate Court in a timely manner.
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