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Elder Law with Donna Irvin Sobel, P.A.

The One Constant in Life is Change.

From cradle to grave, each day we live brings new challenges and experiences; some good, others not so good. We think that when we are older, things will get easier. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Aging presents some very challenging and complex issues that most people are simply not equipped to cope with. Whether you have reached this milestone yourself, or you are trying to help a family member or friend, Bradenton Elder Law attorney Donna Sobel can answer these important questions:

  • Do you have good estate planning documents in place? This includes wills, durable powers of attorney, living wills with health care surrogate designations, and, in some instances, revocable or irrevocable trust agreements.
  • If a move to an assisted living facility or skilled nursing home is imminent, have steps been put into place to protect and strategically position what you’ve worked your whole life for? It is never too soon or too late to undertake important asset protection measures.
  • Do you qualify for Medicaid and/or VA Pension with Aid & Attendance benefits? Even if you have been told “no”, in most instances there are legal steps that can be taken. If done properly, these steps can ensure benefit eligibility.

Because of the ever-changing and intricate landscape of these and other concerns of our aging population, not just any general practice attorney, independent professional, or worst case, “Medicaid Planner” can provide the level of expertise, commitment to quality, or overall compassion offered by Donna Sobel. In fact, while many non-attorneys offer “elder law” services, the truth is that most of them have no accountability to you.

Board certified for more than 20 years, Donna specializes in helping you make critical legal decisions with honesty, integrity and compassion. She gets results because she has the time-tested knowledge necessary to understand senior-specific laws and government programs.

Protect yourself. Protect your future. Make sure your assets are there when you need them. Ensure your wishes are respected, even if you are not able to communicate them yourself.

Contact Elder Law attorney Donna I. Sobel today for a consultation.

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